Eliza Maganzini succeeds Tom Chesko as North Pocono AD

Following years of dedicated service to North Pocono’s athletic department, Tom Chesko bid adieu to the director’s position last month in order to return to the classroom full time.

Stepping up from her roles as a third-grade teacher and as the coach for both the boys’ and girls’ tennis teams is Eliza Maganzini.

Opportune Time

If her name escapes you, Maganzini is the former Ms. Liza Lewis, a 2007 NP grad and former tennis standout.

While she dabbled with cheerleading and track as a Lady Trojan, tennis is really her thing.

Having first picked up a racquet when she was four, she progressed through competitive play up until her junior season as Susquehanna University when she was sidelined with an injury that ended her collegiate playing career.

Maganzini assisted Ethel Panek for a few seasons before taking over as the head tennis coach in 2014.

She obtained her principal’s certificate last year, and with Chesko’s departure, realized an opportunity when it presented itself.

The new position at North Pocono wasn’t just “Athletic Director” but rather “Athletic Director/ Vice-Principal.” So, with credentials in place and her love for athletics spurring her on, she applied for the position.

“I wasn’t ready to leave the classroom just yet,” Maganzini said. “I love teaching and was enjoying what I was doing.

“But, this was also the perfect opportunity for me to move into administration and I figured it was now or never.”

Driving Forces

While she brings solid teaching and coaching experience to the AD’s office, Maganzini’s zeal for sports is what motivates her.

“I’ve always loved athletics,” she said. “I’ve always loved being a part of it as well as being around it.”

Similarly, she’s passionate about the North Pocono community. Having grown up here, she knows how close everyone is and how supportive the people here are of the school and its athletes.

Admittedly, Maganzini feels she is well-organized and has the ability to juggle the various things administrators often have to do in order to keep things moving down the right path.

Up to the Challenge

“So far, so good,” said Maganzini, who officially took over as athletic director on July 1.

Unofficially, she’d been working with Chesko for some time in order to get things ready for this coming fall and move through a relatively smooth transition.

“We got the schedules and transportation needs set, but I think this is the calm before the storm of the fall sports season,” she admitted lightheartedly.

While she lauded Chesko for his mentorship, Maganzini also noted the help and guidance she’s received from other athletic directors in the area.

The nuances of the job are best mentored by those that have been successful at it, and the local network of ADs is fairly tight-knit and largely supportive of each other.

“I’m going to spend the first year getting used to it,” Maganzini said. “I want to see how the coaches and students interact.

“And, while I have had some interaction with the high school students that play tennis, I want to get to know all of the high school athletes and get to know the coaches better too.”

Forward to Fall

Maganzini’s move to athletic director created a vacancy at girls’ tennis.

Heading up the Lady Trojans on the courts this fall, after a two-season hiatus from his role as head boys soccer coach, will be Hosiah “Dave” Davis.

Trojan squads also making head coaching changes this autumn include cross country, girls volleyball and girls soccer.

Faith Nicosia replaces Brook Coyer after just one season at the harrier helm.

Boys volleyball Head Coach Justin Bechever, after one year at that position, will also head up the girls’ program.

Marissa DiMartino moves up from her role as an assistant coach to pilot the girls soccer team following a two-year stint by Alisa Rickard.