Covington Township – 1,000’s of school students throughout Northeast Pennsylvania will explore the natural world on 211-acres at the Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center located in Covington Township, Pennsylvania. Students ranging from Pre-K to 12th grade will use hands-on activities and games to investigate the various habitats and native plants and animals of Pennsylvania while gaining an understanding of the interconnectedness and importance of biodiversity, adaptations, ecosystems, and renewable energies.


 Younger students discover treasures as they take a “magical” walk along the trails exploring the natural world using their senses! Other students investigate who is living in the stream, forest, and meadow while learning what every creature needs from their habitat to survive. The Amazing Adaptations program guides students to examine the diversity of the animal kingdom. Students collect data and make observations about animals body parts, behaviors, colors, and relationships with other animals to better understand their ability to survive. Other programs use the LCEEC’s USGBC Gold Certified building and living Marsh Machine as a teaching model for sustainability. Students use hands-on, real-world tools such as water testing chemicals, kill-a-watts, photovoltaic panels, and a Solar Pathfinder to better understand alternative energy, energy conservation, water consumption, and water quality.



LCEEC field trips are a great way to take a break from the normal study routine and bring material from a classroom to life. LCEEC invites public, private, and home schools along with preschools, daycares, scouts, and other groups to join them for an environmentally focused field trip! Programs are designed by grade to meet many of the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Academic Standards for Environmental and Ecology and Science and Technology. Registration is open, and spring dates are filling quickly. The cost ranges from $6 to $8 per student, with a $100 minimum for smaller groups. Parents and chaperones are free. If you would like to schedule a field trip or require additional information, please contact Sharon Yanik at (570) 842-1506 or