FNCB Bank, locally-based for over 100 years, has announced a $12,500 Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) donation to Allied Services in support of the dePaul School for Dyslexia.

Allied Services dePaul School is committed to helping children overcome learning disabilities so they can return to conventional classrooms equipped with the academic skills and confidence they need to succeed. The school, based on Allied’s campus in Scranton, serves students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. The school’s specially trained faculty serve more than 70 students age 7 to 14 from 19 local school districts. dePaul’s small class sizes and well-structured system of programs are successful in helping students maximize abilities and compensate for disabilities.

Since 2010, FNCB has contributed more than $1,600,000 to local educational and scholarship organizations through the EITC initiative.

The support of the DePaul School for Dyslexia is part of FNCB’s larger Community Caring initiative. As a true, local community bank, FNCB Bank is making a difference through volunteerism, donations and outreach programs.

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