Slip! Thud! Splat! Gritty falls on ice! His first day out on the rink, and Flyers brand new mascot plopped on the ice, much like a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel. Over the next week, he went from a thing that people scoffed at, to a national celebrity.

For those of you that haven’t heard of this comedic orange terror, he’s the Flyers mascot, and he is UTTERLY disturbing. He loves eating hot dogs and snow straight off the Zamboni (yum). His birthday is on September 24, and strangely, his belly button and palms can change color. On top of that, he can blow smoke out of his ears just because, why not? He can do anything. He's Gritty. Since this mascot has become such a figure of interest, I decided to write a poem about him. Enjoy!

“Ode To Gritty”

Born in the city, not so itty-bitty,

here’s a little ditty about a mascot named Gritty.

He’s orange, he’s furry, he’s always in a hurry,

his big googly eyes must make his vision blurry.

His shenanigans when the Flyers win,

make the crowd go bananas again.

He’ll bring you a smile, cure the Flyers fans woes,

he’s even been on Oliver’s, Fallon’s, and Colbert’s talk shows.

He’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you cheer,

he’s even nominated himself for person of the year.

Gritty’s a phenomenon, he’s even got a cheesesteak,

plus an ice cream treat, AND a Gritty wedding cake.

Welcome to Gritty, a Philly sensation,

leading all the fans in the Flyers nation!  


Lets go Flyers! :)