The North Pocono Middle School Science Department received two Educational Mini-grants at the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Association presentation on Thursday, November 29th.

One grant was for $1,000 for the Environmental Center. Mr. Lawrence Dombek wrote the grant for the improvement of the facilities which contains an amphitheater and trails which run along the stream. Students from the school utilize the Environmental Center for testing and observation. The two acres of district property were originally designed and constructed by Mr. Matt Evans. Mr. Evans was a science teacher in the middle school prior to his retirement.

The second grant in the amount of $730 was awarded to sponsor the Engineering Competition in the middle school in May. Mrs. Michelle Swarts authored the grant to enhance student knowledge regarding the history of Moscow and the impact of water on development. Students from local school districts will be invited to participate in the competition will include the design, construction, and testing of water wheels. The goal is to have your water wheel complete as many rotations as possible while using the least volume of water in 30 seconds. This is the second year for the grant involving water wheels.

Mr. Matthew Montoro is the principal of the middle school and Mrs. Leeta Dennenbaum is the assistant principal. Mr. Dombek teaches 8th grade science and sponsors the Environmental Club. Mrs. Swarts teaches 7th grade science and sponsors the Engineering Club.