PALMYRA TWP. (Wayne) - Wallenpaupack Brewing Company has applied for an inner-municipal liquor license transfer. At the Palmyra Township supervisors’ meeting, however, the board was unsure exactly why. There will be a hearing during the December 3 regular monthly meeting to learn more and possibly make a decision.

Solicitor Jeffrey Treat said the hearing will allow the board and public to express their thoughts if interested, before the license would be approved. The final approval of the license will be decided by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

According to Supervisor Chairman Pete Steffen, the information he had about the business’s request for an additional license is for “future events and a restaurant” at the same address of 59 Welwood Avenue.

Members of the board pondered if a pavilion may be in the works at the brewery, since the company had posted a tent during Wally Lakefest and so, perhaps something permanent is the plan.

As of press time, the owner of the Wallenpaupack Brewing Company couldn’t be reached for clarification regarding their reasoning for obtaining a second license.

Also discussed:

Zoning Officer Paul Natale questioned whether the township could change the fee schedule for roofs. He told the board that permits for roofs weren’t enforced in the past, but yet people still needed a permit for a new roof and that they are “very costly” if the fee schedule is followed. The fee is presently $50 and he figured that in addition to that cost, homeowners also had the cost of paying for the building inspector who may visit the home multiple times. The minimum fee for a home is $50, but it is $150 for a commercial property.

Natale noted how there aren’t an abundance of persons seeking the permit, so that affects the township. To amend the fee schedule, a resolution must be made; Treat suggested Natala learn what rates other townships use and then a decision would be made.

The township’s new Ford 550 full hydraulic dump truck with a plow and spreader has been purchased and is now at its new home in Palmyra Township. Supervisor Road Master Joe Kmetz said a loan from the Dime Bank was secured for $41,064 because the funds weren’t available in the township’s liquid fuel account.

Secretary Treasurer Lois Powderly reported that there was $122,455.47 in the general checking account as of October 31, with $91,699.45 in the state road account and $6,833.57 in the building code account and the $5.00 that remains from the sewer project.

Hawley Volunteer Fire Department Chief Scott Mead reported that during October, the volunteers responded to 13 calls that included eight in Hawley Borough, two in Palmyra Township, two mutual aid calls and 46 hours of in-house training.

The next Palmyra Township supervisors’ meeting is scheduled for Monday. December 3 at 6:30 p.m. at the offices on Oak Street, Marble Hill.