Although Dave Martin just opened the doors of his store a few months ago, he’s already made quite an impact on the community with his fresh and unique products. Dave’s Market is located at 100 South Main St. in Moscow, and because of its tucked-in location on the ground floor, it can be easy to miss if you don’t know its there. But once folks discover this hidden gem, they’ll be very glad they stopped in.

At first glance, Dave’s Market may seem to be like a typical small-town grocery store, serving the local community with a fast and convenient option for grabbing a few much-needed items. Dave’s Market does have a nice selection of standard American groceries on the shelves, but that’s only a small part of what customers will find inside the neat, cheerful, brightly-lit store.

“Most of the stuff at the grocery store is just empty calories. I’m not the biggest health nut, but I like to give people some options,” explained Mr. Martin. Those options include delicious freshly-made bottles of juice, salads, hoagies, açaí bowls, and takeout foods reminiscent of real home cooking.

Dave’s Market occupies a relatively small space, but offers a wide variety of specialty foods. There are sections devoted to Asian, kosher, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Indian, Italian, and gluten free foods. Snacks, candy, beverages, and coffee to go are all available as well, as are some cleaning supplies, personal care items, and even a selection of toys and other products on a section of the shelves under the care of Mr. Martin’s seven-year-old son, Josiah.

Many of the food items on the shelves of Dave’s Market are imported or items ordered from specialty shops in the greater New York City area, including Scotto’s Italian cookies from Brooklyn, cured meats from a Romanian butcher shop, dairy-free cheesecakes from bakeries in Brooklyn and Queens, and a selection of imported Russian foods.

Other items are made fresh at the store by Mr. Martin and Mary Franke, who handles most of the cooking and food preparation. Recent take-out options from the store’s hot buffet included haluski with hand-pulled noodles, lemon dill chicken with seared garlic, harvest chicken parmesan with butternut squash, and stuffed cabbage. Breakfast burritos and sandwiches, a coffee bar, freshly made salads and hoagies, and a soup of the day are also available.

Mr. Martin previously worked for a produce brokerage firm, then for a firm handling oil and natural gas leases, but wanted to do something that allowed him to spend more time with Josiah and with his wife, Dulce, who he gratefully credits with believing in him and pushing him to follow his dreams.

A resident of Moscow, Mr. Martin is strongly committed to the idea of the importance of small businesses in creating and maintaining the vibrancy of a community. “My goal is to give Moscow a different option for food, and I use several local farmers and distributors because I want Moscow to grow. Everyone in Moscow supports Moscow, and businesses support other businesses,” he remarked.

“I’ve been wanting to give an option that is family-friendly, so there’s no alcohol, tobacco, or lottery. When people walk in the front door, I want them to enjoy being here so much that they don’t want to leave. I want to offer something out of the ordinary so people will keep coming here,” Mr. Martin explained.

Dave’s Market is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The store also offers catering for events, including for the North Pocono School District’s board meetings. For more information, call the store at (570) 877-2475 or check out the Dave’s Market Facebook page.