COVINGTON TWP. — Caroline P. Khoury is a Senior at North Pocono High School this year and stands out as an exemplary, artistic student who uses her face painting talent primarily for the benefit of the community.

She is a very talented individual who owns her own business and gives her time and tips to local charities.

Her artistic abilities include face painting which came to pass when she attended a Wally Lake Feat event at Lake Wallenpaupack at just 10 years of age.

She had her face painted, and that ignited a passion within her for the art of face painting.

Caroline said, “I just loved it and I wanted to do it! I worked at my craft for a few years and then started my own business when I was thirteen.”

She began by face painting at a variety of nonprofit, local events because she felt providing her service free-of-charge felt more rewarding to her.

Since 2011, she has volunteered her artistic capabilities for Wally Lake Fest.

Recently, she was painting children's faces at The Moffat Estate in Covington Township to benefit the William R. Kramer Memorial Car Show.

The kids were so patient, awaiting their turns and barely a muscle moves as the artist begins her creation.

Caroline is also very composed a she gives each child her undivided attention even as the line of children continues to grow.

Each child leaves with their faces transformed into a work art and are delighted with the and result —a creation of beauty, artistic expression and manifest as a delightful creature.

It was the 8th annual event and is hold in the memory of a North Pocono student, William R Kramer, a young well-liked student who died hi a car accident.

The car show supports the scholarship fund founded by William's friends and family.

It benefits a graduating senior who plans to attend college.

The founders have contributed over $36,000 for deserving graduates of North Pocono that have made a positive difference to the local community.

Caroline appreciates the tips she receives during nonprofit events and donates them to the cause she is supporting, which in this case was the car show scholarship fund.

She supports many organizations by donating her time, talent, art supplies and her tips to her favorite causes which include the National Multiple Sclerosis Walk, Light the Night and the Childhood Leukemia Wall.

Locally, she recently created zombies for the Spook Parade at the Moscow Country Fair.

Caroline is the daughter of Jennifer and Glenn Khoury.

They are extremely happy with Caroline's acts of gratitude and strongly encourage her in this regard.

In her early teens, she started her business, Face the Art, by creating a Facebook page and utilized other social media to spread information about her business along with t-shirts, business cards and flyers.

Additional information can be found on her website,

In addition to volunteer work, her services are available for fee for birthday parties, graduations, barbecues and other family events.

Most recently, she worked at the grand opening of Musical Dreams, a new studio, on Church Street in Moscow.