COVINGTON TWP. — Students at the Moscow Elementary Center, (MEC) were recently treated to an educational

day at Covington Park. One-hundred and thirty-six

students, along with parent chaperones, were transported by bus to the park to learn about the biology and history of the tributaries of the Lackawanna River and what they


meant to industry and pioneer living in 1818 when Covington was founded.

Many of the children and their parents also joined in the event at the park.
The event was funded by the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority due to the efforts of Mrs. Laura Davis, Assistant Principal at MEC, who applied for the Grant and competed against 9 grant applicants.

April Rogato, Executive Assistant, from the Authority, said, “Kindergarten through twelfth grade educators in Lackawanna County schools are invited to apply for the Educational Mini-Grant Program.

“Lackawanna Heritage Valley awards grants (up to $1,000) to educators in Lackawanna County to produce heritage, art and/ or environmental projects.”

MEC received the maxi- mum amount. There are five goals needed to be achieved by the project to receive the grant and six grants were awarded in the fall.

Covington Lake was the perfect location because the lake feeds Langan Creek which is a tributary (stream) of the Roaring Brook and Roaring Brook is a tributary of the Lackawanna River.

Students were able to enjoy seeing and learning about the lake that contributes to these tributaries, while acquiring knowledge about the walking trails.

Marc Gaughan, a local historian, highlighted the construction of the new Roaring Brook trails and the cleared land to the students through maps of the park.

He also spoke about the importance of the tributaries in providing clean drinking water, and Grist Mill opera- tions for the production of lumber which was the main

source of commerce in the early 1800s.

According to Mr. Gaughan, “The historical significance of the park is very valuable, in addition to the waterways, the lumber obtained there was used in the regional coal mines and in the construction of homes in the area, both extremely important to our history of the area.”

Ted Baird, local historian, from the Archeological Society also explained the various artifacts on display for the students.

He noted, “There is going to be a Bicentennial celebration at the Moffat Estate on June 23 and 24 which will be great for the kids, too.”

There were five stations the students visited and the presenters at the sta- tions helped the students ac-quire an understanding of the Lackawanna Valley’s heritage and culture through the interactive experiences. Sarah Corcoran, Environmental Educator, from Lacawac Sanctuary spoke about the biology of the river and had a basin of various types of swimming insects, or Macro Invertebrate like May flies, snails and scuds.

She also displayed animal pelts along with a turtle shell, and a great blue heron skull, that live near the Lackawanna tributaries.

Sarah said, “I love working with the kids teaching them Biology lessons and there are public programs at Lacawac Sanctuary every weekend for families to enjoy, too.” Susan Bartoletti, local author of twenty books on local and national subjects, volunteered to help the students with writing about the event.

Ms. Julie Marx, MEC’s Art teacher, lead the river rock painting.

There was also music and a

sing-a-long with Jack Bordo and Jim Cullen, well-known local musicians, that played old-time folk songs on their banjo and guitar.

The students created a painted picture on the river rocks to express their experience and share ii with others.

The rocks were sealed and taken back to the spool to a landscaped path that will resemble the winding river of rock.

On Saturday, June 2ND at 10 AM all third grade students, their parents, and the community are invited to participate in the construction of the path under the guidance of Northeast Prestige Landscaping.

The planting of shrubbery is also part of the event.

According to Laura Davis, Assistant Vice Principal, “Northeast Prestige Landscaping is donat- ing their time, service and materials for the event and we appreciate their contribution immensely.”

Supervising and escorting the students in their respective groups were the third grade (MEC) teachers: Mrs. Franceschelli, Mrs. Mar gotta, Mrs. Marichak, Mrs. Hughes, and Mrs. Wittel.

Mrs. Davis, Assistant Principal, gave the instructions for the day to the students and oversaw the event.

She said, “We are so grateful to the Lain warm Heritage Valley Authority in giving us the Grant which helped pay for the transportation, sup- plies and other costs.”

She also was thankful for the many volunteers which included the parents who helped, teachers, and Tami Berry, President of the PTA.

She noted a special thank you to Northeast Prestige Landscaping for their donation of time and materials to the project.