COVINGTON TOWNSHIP – The Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center (LCEEC) is offering a 3-credit Environmental Quality college course for students who have completed their sophomore year in high school.

All classes will meet at the Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center located at 93 MacKenzie Road, Covington Township, PA 18444.

During this two-week course, students will assess the quality of our local environment to determine the extent and sources of pollution.

Through lecture, laboratory activities, and hands-on experience students will review the biological, chemical, hydrological, and ecological aspects of ecosystems, and will explore the complexity of environmental problems.

Topics of study include the hydrologic cycle, water pollution, air quality, soil pollution, increasing population, energy consumption, and worldwide solid waste disposal.

Successful completion of the course earns students three undergraduate college credits, which can be applied towards a Lackawanna College degree or transferred to another institution.

Some students may qualify to use the Environmental Quality course as a dual enrollment towards their high school curriculum. Classes will be held at LCEEC and will use the 211-acre property as a living-laboratory.

For a registration form or more information, please contact Michelle Wheeler at (570) 842-1506.