In January, North Pocono held its Annual Bridge Building Contest. The top bridges this year were built by Emily Rouse, Nick Mellen and Ryan Hatton.

The top bridge, which was built by Emily, held nearly 1,200 times its own weight.

This competition is part of the International Bridge Building Competition.

This contest focuses on the construction and testing of model bridges, which promotes the study and application of fundamental principles in physics and also helps high school students develop “hands on” skills through bridge construction.

By participating in the Bridge Building Competition, students get a flavor of what it is to be an engineer; designing structures to a set of specifications and then see them perform their function.

They are also provided with an academically oriented extracurricular activity.

Emily, Nick and Ryan will be representing North Pocono by competing at the regional competition at the Market at Steamtown on February 24th.

At this event they will be competing against schools from the 18 counties making up our region.

The bridge building contest at North Pocono is sponsored by Mr. Mike Hricko and Dr. J Croom as part of the Principles of Engineering course offered at the high school.