We’ve developed a bit of a tradition here in the Kids Korner.

Every few months to a year or so, a new young writer is introduced so they can display their talent to this lovely community.

I’m proud to continue this tradition with the introduction of sixth graders Olivia Descipio and Deneva Lefever, my younger sister.

After a while of flying solo at the Korner, I decided to share the wonderful experience with other students, bringing two new writers onboard.

Now, that group has changed and expanded to five kids, and with the addition of these two wonderful students, will grow to seven.

Deneva Lefever is a sixth grade student at North Pocono.

She first felt an interest in writing in fifth grade, when she was tasked with writing a story about a hypothetical blizzard.

Because of that, she values writing narrative fiction, but she is excited to expand her horizons by writing for the Korner.

She also has a passion for poetry.

She’s interested in becoming a microbiologist, and she attends a program for learning computer code.

When I asked what was one thing she was proud of, she responded that performing piano at Carnegie Hall was the crowning jewel.

Olivia Descipio is also a sixth grade student at North Pocono.

She’s been interested in writing and illustrating since the age of three, wanting to get a “head start” in the writing world.

She likes narrative writing in general, but also appreciates reporting and other types of writing.

In school, she’s always excited for English, History, and Science.

She has a plethora of hobbies, including soccer, sewing, flute, baking, and reading.

She’s thrilled to join the Korner, since her schedule bars her from the school newspaper.

She was in Newspaper Club in fifth grade.

I wish the best of luck to Deneva and Olivia on their writing adventures!

The rest of us here at the Korner are so excited to have you join us!

See you ‘round the Korner!