COVINGTON – Before the regular agenda of the board of supervisors meeting, community members brought forth possible improvements for the township.

During public comment, Erick Luczak pastor of the Daleville UMC, spoke on behalf of his Clothes Closet Volunteers to request a new location for the free monthly clothes drive.

The clothes drive began four years ago, and since then the church has served from one to two hundred people in need each month.

“The biggest thing we need right now is storage,” said Luczak. “What we're asking is that by any chance we could move the clothes closet to where the [Head Start] daycare was?”

Luczak explained that it isn't just a service to Daleville, but the area at large when they see visitors from Sterling and Scranton and Mount Pocono.

No financial requirement was requested on the part of the township, and Daleville UMC would provide the volunteers.

Supervisor Thomas Yerke stated if it was a temporary situation it would be fine but they are trying to rent out the Head Start space currently, so the Clothes Closet could not set up indefinitely.

Supervisors discussed alternate options, including the basement of the senior senior and the garage space owned by the Moffat Estate. They will make a decision at a later date after reviewing options.

Bill Beavers also spoke before the township supervisors with the proposal of a museum dedicated to the history of the North Pocono region.

The idea came about due to the continued planning for the Covington Township Bicentennial, which the township will be celebrating in 2018.

Beavers stated that he noticed the recreation committee gathering materials not just for Covington Township, but for the surrounding area as well.

“With the amount of stuff we accumulated already with the Recreation Committee we would have a great start to get something open,” Beavers stated.

He added that he had done research on grants and funding, especially pertaining to museums, to try to fund the endeavor.

Beavers suggested using the caretakers house for the museum, a historical building on the Moffat Estate.

“We do sit on a lot of empty space here, when are we going to rent it out?” Yerke said. “This building in the front here is a big expense and it just lays vacant.

“I have nothing against what Bill is proposing or what the church is proposing, but if we're not gonna rent them, may as well let them use it, right?” Yerke added. “We still heat the building down there.”

Other supervisors were also interested in the idea, but cautious due to funding.

“I don't see a problem with it either, Bill,” said supervisors William Fells. “Right now we're winterizing these buildings, so if we bring people into these buildings we're going to have them at a regular temperature. That's a big increase.”

“I think it's a great idea,” said Chairman Petrosky. “I think the pastor's idea is a great idea.”

Further discussion on the museum was tabled until the December meeting.