Through unique collaborative efforts, we have over 180 North Pocono children from Kindergarten through twelfth grade working together to entertain our community on Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

This unique project began six years ago when Sharri Dructor had a vision of incorporating an incentive program with a few first grade classrooms with a school wide performance between schools within the district.

At its inception, only first grade and the High school Odyssey Players tried out something called “The Back Stage Passes.” It has grown consider- ably with a multitude of grade levels, genres, and achievements.

The criteria for earning the “pass” is different on each level, but it is a privilege to be earned by the participating students. The evening begins with a Red Carpet Walk for the children who achieved their “Pass.”

Three winners from three first grade class- rooms at Jefferson and MEC, five winners from one third grade class at MEC, and six poetry winners from fifth grade at NPI will have their own part in the evening show.

The winners from the elementary schools will be taken to the high school by limousine (thanks to Gilbride Limos), and the boys will be dressed in tuxedos (thanks to Men’s Wearhouse). It is a very formal evening with all the children sporting as much “bling” as possible.

On the contrary, our audience members are asked to wear pajamas, robes, or slippers....It is the Polar Express after all!

The culminating part of the performance will be the awards presentation where the spot-lighted children, who worked so tirelessly and diligently on earning a “pass,” will receive their very own “Oscar” with the top winners making acceptance speeches.

Please consider coming out to see just how well this North Pocono family works together to create a truly memorable evening for young and old alike! Admission is free!

• Tuesday, November 21 North Pocono H.S. Auditorium
Red Carpet Walk at 6 p.m. Show begins 6:30 p.m.