COVINGTON TWp. – There's a reason why the catchphrase for the local school district is “North Pocono Proud.”

Students have gone on to many successes during their school years in those halls, from artists and musicians to Eagle Scouts and Science Olympiad scholars.

Such is the case with North Pocono middleschooler Isabella Touseull, who is finding her niche in creative writing.

Last year, Isabella and seventeen of her classmates were published in “A Celebration of Poets” – a competition for Creative Communication.

Later on, Isabella soared to more success as she entered the contest again with a new poem. This time, she placed among the top ten featured writers in the United States. Her poem was up against competition from thousands of students across the country.

Isabella was notified of the good news over the summer as she prepared to enter seventh grade.

“I felt honored to be chosen,” Isabella said “and to know that so many people across the nation, as well as in my hometown, would now be able to read my poem and hear my thoughts.”

Isabella's words had an effect on her parents, Joel and Kathleen Pinataro Touseull. Her mother remarked how her daughter's writing opened her eyes to what kids observe and take in from the world around them.

“It's funny because you don't think kids are paying attention. They are so paying attention,” Kathleen Touseull explained. “All of what they've taking in, internalizing until they put their thoughts on paper. As a mom, I teared up when she showed [the poem] to me. It's really powerful.”

She also received congratulations over the summer from her sixth grade English teacher Christine Sepkowski and Principal Montoro.

The poem that placed Isabella among the Top Ten was titled “Just Be Kind.” The young author said that the poem promotes kindness as a simple way for anyone to change the world.

"I wanted to write about something meaningful,” Isabella said. “This world can always use more kindness and love and less judgement and hate. If we all just try to treat each other with respect we can make a difference. Everyone has their own struggles and no one should be judging anyone else.”

Isabella's poem “Just Be Kind” is featured on the Creative Communication website at It will also be published in a hardbound book which can be ordered off the same website. Books are shipped in September.

Just Be Kind

By Isabella Touseull

The new kid who just started school looks nothing like you and dresses “uncool.”

But maybe they are really nice and will be a great friend with great advice.

No one should be predefined, so whatever the case, just be kind.

The homeless man on the street looks mean and dirty and has bare feet.

But maybe he is lonely and sad and hasn't had the nice life you've had.

No one should be predefined, so whatever the case, just be kind.

The woman in the busy store didn't say thank you or hold the door.

But maybe she just got bad news or lost her job or is abused.

No one should be predefined, so whatever the case, just be kind.

Every day we have the choice to be a kind person with a loving voice.

So view the world as undefined and whatever the case, just be kind.