MOSCOW – A familiar daycare has found its new home, and didn't have to go far to do it.

Katrina's Creative Learning Center used to be located on North Main Street of Moscow, but the business had soon grown beyond its limited space. The time had come to expand, and for that to happen it had to relocate.

Now, at its new location at 1262 Church Street in Moscow, the daycare has expanded to numerous rooms and provides care for children 6 weeks to thirteen years of age.

How drastic was the change? At the old location, the daycare could only have twenty eight kids. Now their max occupancy is sixty seven, and they often can reach that number.

The Church street location opened in June of this year, and since then has seen their number of enrolled children nearly double, from forty five to eighty kids.

Katrina Renkel's daughter, Rachael Baldelli, is a preschool teacher at the Center. She emphasized the importance of what they did there for the kids in their care.

“Our number one philosophy is that kids learn thru play,” said Baldelli. “No matter what our theme is, that's what they do.”

The daycare's motto of “We play, we learn, we build friendships” is also a key mission statement. They emphasize postive relationships with peers, and promote appropriate curriculum for the ages of the children.

According to Baldelli, parents have been very pleased with the increased space and the new location that is convenient to the highway.

The community aspect of the center is clear.

“It's very family oriented,” Baldelli said,” we're very close to the families and children. All of our staff here are all so close. We love to involve the community.”

Expect to see these kids learning from library workers and seeing first-hand demonstrations from local firefighters.

Every other day though, learning through play is the name of the game, and this is where they can do just that.