“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” - Aesop.

North Pocono Community really does rock – figuratively and literally – thanks to the founders of a new “kindness rocks” program in our area. Covington Township residents, Kristen von Ahnen and her son, Brayden, started a North Pocono Community Rocks program earlier this summer after finding a painted rock at a local baseball stadium.

The main purpose of this interactive initiative is to share a moment of kindness by placing random painted rocks around our community for unsuspecting recipients to find.

Similar to a pay it forward strategy, the rock program encourages those who find rocks to join in the pursuit of inspiring others through random acts of kindness.

Through the creativity of many children and adults, hundreds of decorated rocks have been hidden throughout our area already.

This is just the beginning. North Pocono Community Rocks are not only hidden in the local area, but are currently being placed outside our immediate circle as well.

Rocks have been discovered at nearby outlets, such as pizza places and ice-cream shops, as well as many local parks and playgrounds.

A North Pocono rock was recently stumbled upon in Georgia and a few rocks were hidden in California by a North Pocono resident.

So, how does one get involved in this rock painting?

The premise is simple. First, gather a few supplies including some flat paintable rocks, acrylic paint, sealer, and a few paint brushes.

Next, creatively decorate your rock and seal it with a polyurethane spray to help withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Then, on the back of the rock write the words “Facebook — North Pocono Rocks.”

This tells the finder of the rock where the rock originated from and also directs them to Facebook page where the finder can post a picture of where the rock was found.

With almost 500 followers today, the North Pocono Rocks Facebook page is becoming quite popular.

What happens, if by chance, one discovers a colorful rock? Smile, snap a picture, and thank the artist by posting the photo on the Facebook page.

Then, make a decision to either keep the rock and paint a new one to continue the cycle, or relocate the rock and hide it for someone else to find. Either way, kindness continues to be spread around town.

Our community is packed full of creative rock artists with vivid imaginations. Rocks have been painted as the American flag, a pepperoni pizza, strawberries, M&M’s, and many other crazy character designs. Some simply state a kind word or message.

Currently, there are a few “back-to-school” themed rocks hidden as well.

This initiative is an inexpensive way to bring families together for a fun indoor and outdoor activity. It is also a great project to do in a friendly group setting to keep kids entertained and spark creative ideas.

It is an all-around engaging activity that promotes creativity and gives back to the community and, most importantly, teaches children that kindness starts in the home.

So, find a rock, paint a rock, hide a rock, and spread happiness throughout our community. One never knows the impact he or she could make on someone’s life - one creative rock at a time. Now, let’s keep calm and Rock On together!

See you Round’ the Korner