Early beginnings

Madisonville Independent Fire Company was established in 1953 with gatherings taking place at Grange Hall until the land where the hall currently sits was donated by the Henry Drinker Estate in 1957.

The Grange Hall was located behind Schreck’s store in a two story building that still stands today. For the first three years dinners were served to the public in the Grange. A garden hose stretched from Schreck’s store to the building for water to clean dishes and cook the dinners.

The first white truck was bought in 1956 from Harvey’s Lake Fire Company for $1,000. The first president was John Kolibab who took office in 1956. Albert Ives was also elected the same year as the first serving chief.

The main hall building was built in 1957. The kitchen was constructed in 1961 and the dining hall was added on in1973. The first ham dinner was served right after the kitchen was ready.

In 1958 the first meeting was held in the brand new hall with fresh concrete floors and walls.

The last surviving charter member was Evan (Bud) Schreck, an active member 64 years later.


Ladies' Auxiliary

The Ladies’ Auxiliary was formed in 1975 and the first president was Christine Havenstrite.

They began helping with ham dinners, catering, hosting wedding receptions and running welsh cookie sales. They still dish out around 800 dozen welsh cookies and dozens of pies every year.


Present Day

Fast forward to the present with thirty five members, two EMTs, six Fire Fighter One team members and ten Basic Vehicle Rescue members.

The fleet increased from one vehicle to eight, which includes a tanker, pumper and an Army truck. The newest addition is a 2016 pumper.

To keep the fire company running strong, they hold a ham dinner, six breakfasts, a spaghetti dinner, hall rentals and as of last year a Mad Mudder Run for families across the township. Township taxes and grants also help with the expenses of running the fire company.

Madisonville Independent Fire Company also assists Covington Township Fire Company with the annual picnic to park cars with their slew of four wheelers and men and women on feet.

The next big event coming up is the Second Annual Mad Mudder on August 19th at 9 a.m.

Check out madmudder.org to sign up or come out to cheer on our locals while they trudge through muddy obstacles!

With an annual amount of around sixty calls for fires, floods and emergencies, the many functions the fire company serves would not be successful if it were not for the men and women who work days and nights to make sure that Madisonville and the surrounding townships are safe.