Dunmore – The following work is scheduled for this week throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Anyone wishing to sign up for PennDOT Travel Advisories can do so by emailing James May at jamay@pa.gov.

Lackawanna County:

Traffic Issues:

SR 438 Lackawanna County, Scott Twp.  will be closed from June 8 to Nov 2017 for bridge replacement  over Elm Brooke Creek. The road will be closed from I-81 towards SR 247.  A detour will be in place.

Short Term Projects:

SR 6-Median-Lackawanna-Exit 4- Exit 7-Mowing-6/5/2017-6/9/2017-7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

SR 590-590-Madison/Jefferson Twps.-Single lane-Shoulder Cutting - Mowing-Thursday 06/08/2017-Friday 06/09/2017-7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

SR 1002-Ridge Road-Scott Twp.-Single-D-4 Paving-3-Jun-17-9-Jun-17-6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

SR 1002-Ridge Road-Greenfield Twp.-Single-Milling for District Paving Crew-3-Jun-17-9-Jun-17-7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

SR 1002-Ridge Rd-Greenfield Twp.-single lane-Paving-6-Jun-9-Jun-7 a.m. to  4 p.m.-Lackawanna

SR 1004-Greenfield Road-Carbondale/Scott Twp.-Single-Shoulder Back-up-3-Jun-17-9-Jun-17-7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

SR 1013-Clifford Rd-Greenfield Twp. single lane-Paving-5-Jun-5-Jun-7 a.m. to  4 p.m.-Lackawanna

SR 1015-Worth Church Road-Greenfield Twp.-Single-Milling for District Paving Crew-3-Jun-17-9-Jun-17-7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

SR 2003-Cortez Rd.-Jefferson Twp. -Single lane-Shoulder Cutting - Mowing-Monday 06/05/2017-Wednesday 06/07/2017-7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

SR 2002-Winners Rd.-Jefferson Twp. -Single lane-Shoulder Cutting - Mowing-Wednesday 06/07/2017-Friday 06/09/2017-7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Long Term Projects:

SR 6/11(Lackawanna Trail) – Clarks Summit to Clinton – Single Lane in both directions, traffic will travel on the southbound side while crews reconstruct the northbound lanes. Estimated Completion – November 2017. On Tuesday, November 15 traffic will be switched to normal traffic patterns – two lanes eastbound and two lanes westbound.  It’ll remain this way until the spring.  Some work in the median near Factoryville will take place as long as the weather allows.  In the spring, crews will be working near Dalton, westbound, and all traffic will be single lane in the eastbound lanes, single lane.  After that is done, final pave will take place at night.  Starting May 15 through the middle of June from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. crews will begin paving from Clarks Summit to Dalton and Dalton to the Wyoming County Line.

During the week of March 5 a new traffic pattern will be implement for the ongoing reconstruction project. This phase will restrict traffic to a single lane travel heading east and west on SR 6 in two separate areas within the construction limits. The two areas in which this PennDOT engineered and approved traffic pattern will be placed are as follows:

Area 1: Clarks Summit, east limit of construction (near Valero and Wellington Pub) to the Dalton Bridge (at exit to Dalton, SR 632) – single lane traffic, both sides, east and west bound SR 6.Area 2: Overbrook Road (just east of Keystone College) to the 6/11 split, west limit of construction – single lane traffic, both sides, east and west bound SR 6 .The 2.3 miles of SR 6 between these two areas will continue to remain unrestricted. The estimated duration of this revised traffic pattern  will be March 8th to May 19th, 2017.

SR 347 (O’Neill Highway/Blakely Street) Dunmore Signal Project  Work is progressing on SR 347 as part of the Dunmore Signal Project. Crews are continuing to pour concrete sidewalks near the Subway entrance. They are also erecting traffic signal foundations at Rite Aid. In about three weeks, crews will be starting work at the Dunmore Corners section. Please be aware of alerts sent out by PennDOT for updates on traffic patterns as traffic will be down to one lane in this area. Crews have already installed new sidewalks along SR 347 and they have removed the median between Keystone Industrial Park and I-81. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by May 2017.

Update:  Dunmore signal Project  is scheduled to be completed by June 2017, barring any subgrade issues for the base repair work that is taking place right now from Warren St to Friendly’s. The work is currently taking place from Green Ridge Street to Jessup Ave, Dunmore.  Working is taking place during the day and evening hours.   Motorists are advised to use alternate routes till the end of June.  SR 347 milling and paving will begin on Tuesday, May 30 starting at 7 p.m.  The paving will begin at the I-81 intersection and continue to Warren St, Dunmore.   Paving will continue till Thursday, June 7.

SR 6011(Harrison Avenue), Scranton - As part of the ongoing project to replace the Harrison Avenue Bridge, the Central Scranton Expressway is a single lane pattern in each direction. This project is expected to be completed in 2018.

SR 1012, Intersection of Kennedy Drive and County Road; Archbald Borough; Intersection improvements Project

The project will consist of the realignment of Kennedy Drive at Main Street to form a four-way intersection with the opposite Borough street. A new traffic signal will be installed at this intersection. Also, Kennedy Drive will be widened to accommodate a center turn lane from Main Street to Monica Drive. An additional left turn lane may be added on Main for left turns onto Kennedy Drive. Other work included with the project are drainage improvements, utility relocation for the signal, and driveway access control through the installation of concrete curbing.  The project completion date is Dec 2017.

Construction work on the Edella Road bridge over I-81 in South Abington Township crews will form center pier stem. Over the weekend, drive production pile; form abutment 2 leveling pads. There are no nighttime detours or lane-shifts that will impact traffic on I-81 until mid-June.

During the nighttime closure of I-81 southbound, all motorists will be detoured on I-81 at exit 197 to SR 632 (Commerce Drive),  SR 347 (Justus Blvd.) to Business Route 6 (Scranton Carbondale Highway) and will re-enter I-81 South at exit 191.   During the nighttime closure of I-81 northbound, motor vehicles will detour I-81, with traffic detoured at exit 194 to Route 11/ Business Route 6 (Northern Blvd.), SR 407 (S. Abington Road), to SR 632 (Carbondale Road) and will re-enter I-81 North at exit 197.  During this nighttime closure, trucks will detour I-81 north, but instead of using SR 632, trucks will continue north on SR 407 to SR 438 (Wellsville Road) and will re-enter I-81 at exit 201.

SR 4032 for the rehabilitation and improvement of a certain section of STATE HIGHWAY in LACKAWANNA COUNTY, SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, STATE ROUTE 4032, SECTION 250. The project being situated as follows: From a point approximately 493 linear feet (0.09 miles) WEST of SR 0011 at Segment 0070 Offset 2911 (Station 177+15) to a point approximately 897 linear feet (0.17 miles) WEST of SR 0011 at Segment 0070 Offset 2507 (Station 173+11), along SR 4032.This project will replace the existing slab on the bridge under the concrete arch associated with the DL&W Railroad with a new slab. This project is located on SR 4032 Shady Lane Road in South Abington Township over Summit Lake Creek under the railroad arch.