COVINGTON – During the April monthly meeting, supervisors discussed a number of topics, including the hiring of an additional building inspector to specialize in commercial and ADA inspections.

Supervisors Petrosky and Brostoski were absent from the April meeting.

During the building inspector's report, David Lamm discussed the need for a second inspector for commercial work.

“We do have a lot going on commercially,” said building inspector David Lamm. “I was called by another contractor up at Amazon who has work to do up there. Residentially we're alright, its the commercial where we need the help.”

Lamm proposed hiring Ed St Hart on an as needed basis part time.

“He'll do it by the hour, we used to do it by the cost of the job so there should be savings in there,” Lamm added. “And then you could add the twenty percent to that to cover any fees we have because of his employment.”

St Hart would need to be covered by township insurance, and after some discussion on how to hire, the supervisors moved ahead with a motion.

Vice chairman Tom Yerke made the motion to hire Ed St Hart as a part-time employee at the previous rates for commercial, plan review and electrical inspections and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). St Hart's rates are for inspections $60 per visit and $50 per hour of plan review. He's a certified plan reviewer and inspector through the state of PA.

In a previous meeting, the need for limits on the usage and size of political signs came up, and zoning officer Bill Wright was tasked with drafting an ordinance.

The ordinance draft reads that no political sign should exceed 4' x 8' or 32 square feet. These signs cannot be illuminated and don't require a permit.

A time limit was also suggested, for political signs to only be put up four weeks prior to an election and removed three weeks after the election.

Wright suggested that if the changes were to be made to zoning, there would need to be a hearing in the future.

“You won't have it done in time for the primary but you will have it for the general [election],” said Solicitor Joel Wolff.

A motion was made and approved to allow the zoning officer to move ahead with zoning amendments and to work on moving sign ordinance.


Special Events

This Saturday, the Easter Bunny will be visiting the Moffat Estate. The Boy Scouts will be taking pictures of children for the event. Kids will received a snack and coloring activity. This has moved from the pavilion where it was previously set to the municipal building due to the muddy terrain.

Kids can have their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny from 2 to 5 p.m. on Saturday April 8th.

The Fishing Derby is coming up on April 29th. There will be three prizes for each age group. The fire company will provide the start and stop signals during the competition.

Registration forms for the fishing derby will also be available during the Easter Bunny event.


Other business

The engineer's bill for Sanko Road is $3,500. It will be reported on next month's bills.

The LSA grant for the HVAC system in the pavilion was denied because it was determined to be not competitive with other projects that were awarded.

A traffic signal at the intersection of 307 and 502 needed to be replaced at a cost of $1,500 due to damage caused by a large truck during March's snow storm.