ELMHURST – At the February 2 meeting, the board of supervisors went over updates to the road maintenance and the police coverage and suggested improvements to the township field.

While discussing the recreation board, supervisor Merle Lyon put forward a couple ideas on what improvements could be made to the township land around the municipal building.

Lyon suggested extending the one field by another fifteen percent, which would only require taking out some trees and performing some minor grading

Dave Kreig explained with some fill, brush removal and a bulldozer to level the ground they could make the space work.

Lyon also expressed interest in having a walking trail around the property.

He gave the example of the park in Hamlin that has a simple trail that goes around the whole park, and how popular it has been ever since it had been made.

“Just take a look at that,” he said. “That impresses me every time I go up there. People utilize that every time I've been there, even on the coldest days, people are utilizing that walking trail, many times with pets.”

If such a trail was incorporated in Elmhurst, it would give the adults something to do while kids use the basketball courts and fields for sports.

“I think eventually I'd like to see a trail go around completely around this whole area,” Lyon said.

Supervisor Bob Parkins added to that idea, looking further into the potential future of such a trail.

“It would be nice if we could get permission to extend it up to the dam, turn around, come back,” Parkins suggested.

All three supervisors were receptive to the idea and it may very well come up again in the near future.

“I think it's a great idea,” Supervisor Patrick McLain said.


Roads report

Roads master Dave Kreig reported that most of the work has been winter maintenance and dealing with nuisance snow.

Thanks to a grant, the township purchased a new dump truck in addition to the new skid steer. The next step is installing a radio which has already been ordered. The radio cost $275.

“I would like to take this time to thank everyone that worked on the grants and everything for the skid steer and the new dump truck,” said Kreig.

The new dump truck arrived two weeks ago, and will be ready to get to work when it is needed.

The township has received one shipment of salt for the season so far, and is contracted for three.

Other road work includes taking down some problematic trees on water tank road.

Supervisors made a motion to enter into a grant with Roaring Brook for June 24th in conjunction with the Elmhurst-Roaring Brook Volunteer Fire Company for their carnival.

The Lackawanna County Arts and Culture grants helps cover the cost of entertainment for the event.

Other business

The supervisors received three quotes for a 150,000 BTU ceiling mounted heater for the municipal garage.

The township made a motion to accept the lowest bid from Hynak Air Conditioning and Refrigeration from Elmhurst, whose quoted cost came in at $2,250.

The next meeting of board of supervisors is March 2.