Aurora Lefever interviews Alison Samudio in this week's Kids Korner!

Modern crochet (crochet means “hook” in French) has been around for hundreds of years. Crochet is the process of making beautiful knots with a hook. In my opinion, it’s Rainbow Loom without the hook. Chains look like single pattern bracelets.

Crocheting was started by French nuns to make beautiful, delicate lace and then brought to Ireland. It was there that it became a requirement for elite young ladies.

In this century, the new generation has been attracted by the beautiful products the yarn makes. There are many kinds of yarn readily available to pick from. Items crocheted can become treasured family heirlooms. Many babies wear handmade crocheted items. A lot are mass produced, but nothing is like a handmade item.

Alison Samudio, a local 4th grader, proves that crocheting is not just for the older generations. I recently had the chance to interview her in sharing her hobby.

Q. Who taught you how to crochet?
A. My grandma.

Q. How long have you been crocheting?
A. About three months.

Q. What kind of items can you crochet?
A. I can crochet jackets for penguins in the oil spill, blankets, and scarves.

Q. What item do you most look forward to being able to create?
A. Making clothing for people.

Q. What size needle do you favor most?
A. Size K.

Q. What technique is the hardest for you to master?
A. Single crochet.

Q. Do other family members crochet?
A. My grandma, my two aunts on my mom’s side, and my mom.

Q. Would you like to add anything?
A. I hope to make an afghan big enough to cover a full size bed…next project.

Crochet is a life skill, and it is so cool that Alison knows how to do it! Awesome, Alison! Good luck on those penguin jackets!

Crocheting is fun to learn, and anybody who wants to learn can! There are lots of videos to teach you, and it is a good thing to know how to do!

See you ‘round the Korner!

Aurora Lefever is a fourth grade student at North Pocono Intermediate. Please e-mail any ideas or suggestions for future columns to with a subject line “Kids Korner.”