Aurora Lefever interviews Maxx and Mason Bianchi in this week's Kids Korner!

Maxx and Mason Bianchi (born in 2008) are identical twins, and they are really identical. They have some subtle differences, in that one is a bit more outgoing, and one does not like pickles. But otherwise, they appear exactly the same. People can only tell the difference because they sometimes wear different clothes and shoes.

They are also in the same kindergarten class. I wonder how their teacher tells them apart...other than the different colors.
Maxx and Mason are my little friends, and I can't count on my own two hands how many times I have gotten them mixed up. I am now considering offering a pickle to each one to find out who is who!

I recently got the chance to interview the funny twins.

Q. Are you best friends?
A. Yeah.

Q. What do you like the most about being twins?
A. We always have someone to play with. We can read each other's minds.

Q. Do you like being in the same classroom?
A. Yeah because we sit near each other but not at the same table.

Q. Can classmates tell you apart?
A. No.

Q. Do you have different friends?
Maxx: No
Mason: Yes

Now, a question for their mom:

Q. Mrs. Bianchi, what is the funniest thing that happens because they are identical twins?
A. Their friends and family get them confused a lot. I really hope I never got them mixed up! I don't know whether that is funny or sad.

The only really foolproof way to tell them apart is to go ask them yourself (and if you are lucky, they'll tell you the truth)!!

See you 'round the Korner!

Aurora Lefever is a fourth grade student at North Pocono Intermediate. Please e-mail any ideas or suggestions for future columns to with a subject line "Kids Korner."